My Week on Instagram

Alright, normally I would post my week on Sundays, but I’ve been busy playing catch-up ever since I got back from my buddhist adventure in Colorado (which was fucking amazing by the way… I would highly recommend it to anyone, buddhist or not). Anyway, TeamSupreme had a pretty monumental week last week, with the release of our first compilation on Alpha Pup, our first show at The Echo, a special edition tape curated by DJ Shadow, and of course Low End Theory SF. To top it all off, I finished the final mixes of my record at Cosmic Zoo, and even snuck in a little trip to Disneyland on Sunday.

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Photo Jan 25, 2 35 50 PM

Photo Jan 22, 6 04 30 PM

Photo Jan 25, 3 15 39 PM

Photo Jan 28, 11 41 00 AM

Photo Feb 01, 11 20 36 AM

Photo Feb 01, 1 43 24 PM

Photo Feb 01, 5 11 05 PM

Photo Feb 03, 6 18 03 PM

Photo Feb 03, 7 48 07 PM



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