TeamSupreme: Open Submissions Week


This week we’ll be holding open submissions for Vol. 66.

If you’d like to submit a beat simply follow the below instructions. (submitting a beat does not guarantee a spot in the mix)

This weeks samples come from our own yung tenderboy Colta.
The samples for this week are included in this link:

You must and may use any of these recordings in your beat.

Due Date & Time: SUNDAY – 07/14 @ 6pm

BPM: 133.50


Keep your beats close to 1 min.

You have to use the transition sound at the beginning and end of your track. (you don’t need to use it throughout your beat)
Also you have to use the sample throughout the beat. (slice/dice/pitch/whatevs)


Please title your beat as “artist name Vol. 59” IE “Great Dane Vol. 66”

Include your soundcloud or any website with your music in the email.

Also please send MASTERED tracks if you can.

Email your track to

Lastly, if you can’t master it yourself then we’ll do it for you so no big.

– ts

* Upon submitting your beat you are agreeing to give us a non-exclusive single use license to release your submission on the annual limited edition TeamSupreme USB drive release. If you have other plans for your music that conflicts with having it on our release then please let us know so that we do not include it in the release.


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